If you are reading this, it is highly likely that you had access to (at least) a free and formal education. It is also highly likely that you did absolutely nothing to deserve it. Your being born into the specific place and time you did was entirely out of your control. You did not choose your parents, and by default, any faint glimmer of free will regarding your existential manifestation was swiftly blown dark. If you were born on the central Tibetan plateau into a nomadic lifestyle, formal education is not an option. Why isn’t that your case? Pure chance is why. It seems to me that once you admit that you have no control of your cosmic placement, you must admit that you ultimately have no control over the actions you make during the span of your life. Every future decision hinges on ones initial placement in space and time, so how could you logically be in control of future decisions if you don’t even have a choice on which plethora to choose from? Sure, once you are placed into your arbitrary place, it may feel like you then become the conscious operator of your will. Although I think this feeling too is illusory, does it really matter if you can make choices after being randomly placed in the cosmos? I am actively thinking of ways I could possibly disagree with my own statements above. I understand that the topic of free will is somewhat controversial and complex, but I would love to hear your thoughts.